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New student enrollment will begin in April. Please continue to check back for more information. 
Voice Recognition

Office Staff

2nd/3rd Grades                                 4th/5th Grades                           
Principal: Terri Scott                          Principal: Ryan McLaughlin 
Dean of Students: Cindy Trent         Dean of Students: Cindy Trent
Counselor: Hannah Steele                Counselor: Robin Williamson
Secretary: Kyndal Wilmot                 Secretary: Chelsey Hamilton
Secretary: Candace Roberts

2nd-5th Grades
Registrar: Dusty Livingston
Special Education Director: Angie Green
JOM/Title VI Indian Education Tutor: Cindy Lair
Speech Pathologist: Danielle McGregor, Jeannine Morris

Lower Elementary
410 N.W. 10th
Newcastle, OK 73065

Upper Elementary
418 N.W. 10th
Newcastle, OK 73065