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New student enrollment will begin in April. Please continue to check back for more information. 
Voice Recognition

General Information

Newcastle Elementary School Hours 
Upper and Lower Building Hours: 8:20a.m - 4:05p.m.
Class Hours: 8:45a.m. - 3:50p.m.
  • Tardy Bell: 8:50 a.m. 
To report your child absent: 
2nd/3rd grade:  (405) 387-6388
4th/5th grade: (405) 387-6474 
Newcastle Elementary Cafeteria Hours
Breakfast: 8:20a.m. - 8:40a.m.
Lunch/Recess Hours:
  • 3rd and 4th grade: 10:50-11:35, 11:40-12:25
  • 2nd and 5th grade: 11:40-12:25, 12:30-1:15
Dismissal Bell: 3:50p.m.
  • No transportation changes after 3:15p.m. 
  • No student check out after 3:30p.m. 
Student Check In-Out Procedures:
If a student arrives late, parents must walk the student into the office and check him/her in with the secretary before he/she proceeds to class. When checking a student out early, the Parent/Guardian (stated in file) will be required to provide identification before the student will be released. We appreciate your understanding. Interruption of the instructional day is disruptive for your child and others in class; therefore, an interruption to call a student from class may disrupt the learning process for all students, so we ask that it be done only as needed. However, at times it is unavoidable and completely understood. Remember- 3 early pick-ups and/or 3 tardies will equal one absence. Please remember elementary students will NOT be checked out after 3:30p.m. If you arrive after this time, you will be asked to remain in the office until 3:50p.m. before leaving the building. This is a policy in place for the safety of our students and staff. No students will be called out of class prior to the arrival of the parent/guardian.