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On-Line Payments - Cafeteria

Newcastle Schools has integrated the On-Line Payments for the Cafeteria / Food Service program with Infinite Campus, our Student Information System.
(1)     You must have an Infinite Campus parent portal login before you can make on-line payments for food service. 
              If you do not have a parent portal login, please contact the Registrar at your student’s school building.
(2)     Once you login to the Parent Portal, click “Payments” which is about halfway down
              on the left side of the screen.
(3)     In the Payments section, there are two areas: “Recurring Payments” and “Food Service Account”.
Recurring Payments - You have the option of setting up one of two types of Recurring Payments:      
            (A) Monthly - a fixed amount every month, you set the start date, end date and amount.
            (B) Low Balance - you set a minimum balance, a payment amount and a start and
                  end date.    When your student’s balance falls below the minimum balance,
                  Infinite Campus will automatically process your payment and send you a receipt.
            With either of these options, you have the option at any time to change or delete your choices.
Food Service Account - This is where you can make a one-time payment.   The system will display your student’s food service account balance and an “Estimate” amount.   The “Estimate” is a calculation about how much your student will spend over the next month based on his or her prior purchases.      If you click “Estimate” the system will add that amount under Payment, or you can manually enter the amount of your choosing.
(4) Convenience Fees - Newcastle Schools is charged a transaction fee for each payment that is processed through the on-line payment system. Newcastle Schools charges a flat $2.95 per manual transaction to recoup the costs.   Under federal credit card guidelines, the School cannot charge a convenience fee on recurring transactions.
(5) Households with more than one student. You can see all of the students assigned to your account on one screen but you have to manage each student separately. You cannot simply add a single amount to be shared among all students.    Adding money to several students at the same time will only be considered a single transaction and therefore only be assessed a single convenience fee.
The Infinite Campus Parent Portal App will show your student’s balance in the Food Service account, but it does not show any detail on purchases or allow you to make a payment. Both of those options are only available on the Parent Portal Website.
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