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Free & Reduced School Meal Application

It's Not Just About The Cafeteria!

Did you know that the federal Free & Reduced School Meal Application is not only about eating in the cafeteria?    In addition to providing an opportunity for some of our students to eat a nutritious meal for no-cost or at a significantly-reduced cost, it also generates additional money for our school.   For example, the amount of money we receive from the federal government in our Title programs is based directly on the percentage of students enrolled in the Free & Reduced program, regardless of whether they ever eat a meal in the cafeteria.   Our reimbursement from the federal government for our cost of providing Internet and Phone service is also directly tied to that same percentage.  Our ability to apply for both State and Federal grants is tied directly to the Free & Reduced program enrollment.  

Effective for the 2019-2020 School Year, the fee for a student to participate  in various activities is also based on the student's Free & Reduced program enrollment.

How do you apply?     Below are two documents.   One is the set of instructions, which includes the amounts that we use internally to determine program eligibility.   The other is the Application Form itself, which is an Adobe Reader form that is fillable online.  (Note:   It is not fillable from within the Microsoft Edge Browser - you will have to download it to your desktop and open it with Adobe Reader).

The forms are confidential.   If you e-mail the form to our Program Director, only that person or our auditors will see the form.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Program Director - her information is listed below.

Instructions - Free & Reduced School Meal Application

Fillable Application - Free & Reduced School Meal Program

(Feel free to fill this form out, print it, sign it and e-mail a scanned copy to the Child Nutrition Program Secretary)

Malinda Wilson

[email protected]

(405) 387-6265


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