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Medications at School

Medications at School

Complete this form if your child requires medication to be given at school, both presecription and non-prescription.  District staff will not administer herbal or homeopathic medication at school if it is not FDA approved. 
If your child requires an inhaler, an Epi-Pen or Seizure medication at school, please provide an action plan signed by your physician.  



It is recommended to give medications at home if possible. If it is necessary that a medication be administered by school personnel during school hours, the following procedure must be followed: 

1. All medications must be brought to the office by the parents/guardians.  Students are not allowed to carry medications on their person at any time. The only exceptions are emergency medications such as rescue inhalers, epi-pens and insulin with the appropriate consent form on file.

2. A student who needs to take a prescription medication must have the appropriate medication consent form signed by the physician and parent before the medication can be brought to and kept at school.

3. The parent/guardian will promptly notify the school of any changes in the administration of this medication by providing the school with a new medication consent form with physician signature. Written or verbal changes from parent/guardian CANNOT be accepted. 

4. Non-prescription medications brought from home and kept at school will also have to have to have a permission form signed by parent or guardian. The school cannot accept out of date medication. 

5. Medicine must be brought and left at school in original containers with all instructions and pharmacy labels clearly visible. The pharmacy will dispense an additional prescription label and bottle for school if requested by parent/guardian. Medication cannot and will not be accepted in baggies or envelopes. 

6. Medication and medication forms must be kept in the office.

7. Asthma inhalers and epi-pens must be kept in the office unless a medication consent form has been completed by all parties involved parents, physicians, and school nurse. 


All medications must be picked up by the last day of school.  If not, they will be destroyed.