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Head Lice Guidelines

Head Lice Guidelines

HEAD LICE - Newcastle Schools has a “N0-Nit Policy”

Newcastle Schools has adopted the following regulations with regard to the effective treatment and prevention of head lice.   Parents are advised that no treatment alone will rid a lice infestation and the nits must be picked out one by one.  Absence of lice and nits will be proof of management and the child will be re-admitted to school. 

WARNING—Even though a parent might think that the constant re-application of lice shampoos, etc. may end the infestation, they actually risk poisoning the child and serious medical repercussions.   (Lice shampoo/treatments are pesticides.)

NOTE: You must follow this 3-step method to stop a lice infestation 1. Treat all family members with a lice shampoo- it kills the live bugs NOT the eggs (nits).  Seven days later you can treat one more time to catch any bugs that you may have missed. 2. You MUST pluck each individual nit from the hair.  There is no product that is effective in releasing the glue that holds them to the hair shaft. 3. You MUST treat all bedding, brushes, coats, jackets, etc. that may also be infested.  

When a student is found to be infested with head lice and/or nits: 1. Parents will be notified of condition and the need for the child to be picked up from school.  If parents cannot be reached the child will be placed in modified isolation and a letter sent with them at the end of the day. 2. The student’s parents must accompany the child to the nurse’s office for readmission at which time the nurse or designee will inspect the child’s head.

If no nits or lice are found, the child will be readmitted.  If any nits or lice are found, the student is not readmitted and will be sent home with the parent.  The parent must return with the child each day until cleared by the nurse or designee.