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The Board meeting scheduled for July 9th has been moved to July 16th. Time will be 6:00 PM
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Faculty By Department

 6th Grade
Jessie Hearn, Reading
Autumn Gordon, Science
Angela Madden, Social Studies
Megan Martin, English
Aubrie Floyd, Reading
Ryan Seibert, Band Director
Whitney Callen, Asst. Band Director
Kathy Cannon, Art  
Vickie Crossley, Technology/Yearbook
Diane Huff, Library/Media Specialist
Sarah Stancil, Choir/Leadership
Judd Wilson, Outdoor Ed/Archery
Ashley Filer, Leadership
Randall Robison, Leadership
Tanner Wallace, Leadership

 7th Grade
Becky Johnson, History 
Diane Medrano, English
Carol Craven,Reading

 Special Services
Amber Cockrell, All Subjects
LeAnn Gentry, Gifted/Talented  
Karla Redbird, English
Brenda Foster, English/Reading 


 8th Grade
Denise Barry, English/Reading
Stephanie Cox, Reading
Robert Ward, Math 
Glen Stallings, Science 
Tanner Wallace, History 
Carol Craven, English