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Enrollment information for 2021-2022 will be posted soon.  Please continue to check back for updates.  


Early Childhood Center

Voice Recognition

Faculty By Grade

  Pre-K  Kathy Bergt 
 Library Korri Maple  Pre-K Megan Bortell
 STEM Shannon Chlouber  Pre-K Gina Scroggins
 Physical Ed. Nikki Gayler Pre-K Terra Hodge
 Adison Wright
 Pre-K Diane Huff 
 Special Services
 Renee Doughty
 Special Services Twyla Taylor    
 Kindergarten Christina Edwards 
 First Morgan Brown 
 Kindergarten    Adrienne Curren First Amy Cannon  
 Kindergarten Connie Hamilton First Adrianne Chapman 
 Kindergarten Julie Haskins First Shelby Cole 
 Kindergarten Diane Medrano First Kelly Dillman
 Kindergarten Virginia Jablonski First Stephanie Spangler
 Kindergarten April Williams  First Stefanie McFarland
   First Lindsay Pickle 
   Title I Tammy Bolles