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2021-22 Course Information

2021-22 Enrollment

Racer Students and Parents,

We have begun work to better prepare our students for life beyond high school by offering students several personalized learning pathways.  We will continue our work next year by connecting pathways with student's career interests.  

To better prepare our students and teachers and offer a more personalized approach to our 21-22 school year enrollment, we have decided to postpone our traditional spring parent/ teacher conferences schedule for February 4 to an enrollment conference night which will be held on February 25 from 3:30-8:30.  On that night, students and their parents will meet with their Racer Refuel teacher to discuss their learning plan and enrollment for next year.  We ask that all students schedule an enrollment conference using the following link:  

Racer Refuel teachers will reach out by email prior to the scheduled conference to provide their Zoom link if a virtual meeting is requested instead of an in person meeting. 

In the coming weeks, our College and Career Advisor, Mrs. Warren, will be working with our students on their career interests, and Mrs. Ford, our Counselor, and Mr. Hull and myself, along with teachers will be presenting enrollment information prior to enrollment conferences.  

Parents who desire a traditional parent/teacher conference should contact the teacher through email to set up a time during their plan or before or after school.

Students enrolled in our full time virtual program and have Mrs. Mathis as their Racer Refuel teacher will be receiving information from her by email in the coming weeks.

We look forward to a worthwhile night of planning and preparation for next year and the years beyond!

Mrs. Beer