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Sandy Sheaffer

My name is Sandy Sheaffer. This is my 4th year at NMS!  Previously, I was teaching 8th grade English at Brink Junior High in Moore, but I'm thrilled to be teaching reading and Honors English this year at Newcastle and I love it! I received my MBA from SNU. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter. My daughter is also a teacher at NMS. I have the cutest 4 grandchildren in the world!  When I'm not at school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, playing piano, singing, eating, shopping, reading, traveling, and swimming! My door is always open for students to come before or after school to make-up missed assignments or for extra tutoring. 
Let's make it a great year!


 1st hour-  Reading
 2nd hour-  Reading
 3rd hour-  Reading
 lunch  7th Grade
 4th hour  Reading
5th hour-  Reading
6th hour-  Pre AP Reading
7th hour-  Pre AP English

Book Reports and Due Dates for the year 2018-2019

Due dates:

This list and the dates are always subject to change. Each book report is different and instructions will be passed out approximately one week before due date.

Dates                                                      Genre                                                 Book Report due

August 13 – September 18th              Fiction                                                   September 18th

September 19 – October 16th            Non-Fiction                                          October 16th 

October 17 – November 13th            Historical Fiction                                  November 13th

November 14 – December 11th         Your choice                                          December 11th

January 7 – February 55h                     Mystery                                                 February 5th

February 6 – March 4th                       Biography/Autobiography                  March 4th

March 5 – April 1st                               Your choice                                           April 1st

April 2 – April 29th                                To be determined                                April 29th

April 30 – May 13th                               Poetry                                                    May 13th

Daily Bell Work

Daily Bell Work

WOW (Writing on Wednesday) Journal Year-long Project

Sheaffer - Writing on Wed Book Grading 2019-20 - 500 pts.

IMPORTANT:  Subject to change at any time!!!!

Updated 8-1-2019

1a) 8-08  Who I Am paper

1b) 08-14:  Me – 7 sentences about yourself

2) 08-21:  The dumbest thing I ever did (3 paragraphs) 1st para: What

I did, 2nd para: Why I did it, 3rd paragraph: What I learned.

3) 08-28:  Ah-ha Moment from NMS (2 paragraph)

4) 9-4: My name has/has not affected who I am. (2 paragraphs)

5) 9-11: Is Jonas living in a Utopia? Why? Why not? (2 paragraphs):

6) 9-18:The best book I have read in the past year. (3 paras) 1st & 2nd 

para: what I read (book summary), 3rd para: why I liked it. (3 Paras)

7) 09-25: Your thoughts on school shootings, stabbings, threats, etc. (3 paragraphs) 

8) 10-02: The truth of the matter is you always know the right thing

to do. The hard part is doing it. 2 paragraphs

9) 10-09:  Find an article from newspaper or internet.  Write a 3 paragraph essay on a current hot topic.  Attach article with citation to WOW.  

10)  10-16: 3 paragraphs on a current hot topic 

11)  10-23:Veteran’s Day 2 Patriotic Cinquain Poems – 1 with Pattern A = (Line 1: 1 word, Line 2: 2 words, Line 3: 3 words, Line 4: 4 words, Line 5: 1 word) . Pattern B = (Line 1: 1 noun, Line 2: 2 adjectives, Line 3: 3 "ing" words, Line 4: a 4 word phrase, Line 5: Another word for the noun on line 1) Add to WOW.

12)  10-30: Best Halloween Experience (3 paragraphs)

13)  11-06: Why I am thankful for my Dad/Guardian. (3 paragraphs)

14)  11-13: Why I am thankful for my Mom/Guardian. (3 paras)

14b)  11-20:  Reading:  THANKS acrostic and 1 paragraph using the following vocabulary: oven, turkey, thankful, pie, pumpkin, stuffing, table, fortunate, happy, dinner.  PRE-AP Reading:  THANKSGIVING acrostic and 2 paragraphs using the same vocab.

15) 11-21: Turn in WOW journal for 1st semester WOW grade = 200 points.

16) 12-4: My Christmas Wish List for the World (3 paragraphs) 

17) 12-11: What I want & what I’m doing for Christmas (3 para)

18) 12-18: My Goals for 2019 (3+ paragraphs)

19) 1-8-20: What I Got for Xmas & What I Did Over Break & Parents Reaction to Christmas Letters (3 paragraphs)

20) 1-15: Why do you think Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech was and is so powerful? (3 paragraphs)

21) 1-22:  No W.O.W. – Around the World Project-dates subject to change

22) 1-29: No W.O.W. – Around the World Project-dates subject to change

23) 2-5: What I learned about my AtW Country – 3 paragraphs

24) 2-12: Write a 3 paragraph essay on My Favorite Valentine

25) 2-19: If you received a large sum of money today, what would you do with it? (1 paragraph 7 sentences)

26) 2-26:  3 paragraphs on why English, Reading, & Grammar is important

27) 3-04: Chronological Day – 10 events, 2 other people, 3 feeling/mood, 3 settings (PreAP: 20 events, 4 people, 4 feelings, 4 settings)

28) 3-11: What are some of the things you worry about? (3 para)

29) 3-18: No assignment – Spring Break

30) 3-25: What are 2-3 things that make you special? And whether or not you like it! (3 paragraphs)

31) 04-1: Why it’s hard being a middle school student. 3 Paragraphs

32) 04-8: Ah-ha Moment from NMS (using this year’s teachers) (1-2 paras)

33) 04-15: How I’m feeling at the end of 7thgrade.  (3 paragraphs)

34) 04-22:  What I learned in the 7th grade.  (3 paragraphs)

4-29-20:   WOW due date

35) Extra:  Current hot topic.  3 paragraphs

36) Extra:  Your choice topic.  3 paragraphs

Remember:  Pre-AP paragraphs are minimum 7 sentences each and Regular classes are minimum 5 sentences per paragraph.   

_____ paragraphs = ___________ points

_____sentences = _____________points      =  _____________/500 points total

Historical Fiction Book Report

Name: _______________________________________________________________________ Date:____________________________________

Historical Fiction

Story Quilt

Can you think of any objects that have special meaning to

DUE DATES you? Do they remind you of a person or an important event? Now, think about the historical fiction book that Book approved you read. Were there any significant objects in the story? _________________________ In literature, these objects are called symbols. They are

symbolic of something important. For this project, you’ll Book finished make a quilt that shows four symbols from the book. _________________________

Project finished


_________________________ large square sheet of white construction paper, ruler, markers

or colored pencils, scissors, wrapping paper (optional)


1 Find a book of historical fiction that interests you and is at an appropriate reading level for you. Have your book approved by your teacher.

Book Title: _____________________________________________________

Author: _____________________________________________________

Measure and draw light pencil lines to divide the white paper square into thirds across and lengthwise. This will create nine equal squares for your paper quilt.


Look through your book to help you remember objects that were important to the story. These objects should represent something significant, like a person or an event. List at least six of them below.

Name: _______________________________________________________________________ Date:____________________________________

Circle four objects from the list that you would like to include on your quilt. Sketch each object in a box below.

Write a few sentences explaining why each object is important. What does it symbolize or represent? Revise your sentences on a separate sheet of paper.

6 Locate the four squares in the corners of the quilt. Draw one object in each square. Leave room in the same square to copy your sentences about the object. It is a good idea to draw and write in pencil first and then trace over it with pen or thin marker.

Write the title and author of the book in the center square.

Cut the wrapping paper into squares that are the same size as those on the quilt. Glue a wrapping paper square in each of the blank squares. (If wrapping paper is not available, cut squares of colored paper and draw simple patterns or designs on them. Glue these in the blank squares.)

Name: _______________________________________________________________________ Date:____________________________________


Travel Brochure Instructions:

Objective: Students choose an interesting setting from their book and create a travel brochure that advertises this place.

Show students several travel brochures and discuss the kinds of information presented in each. If possible, show brochures for large cities and small towns. Ask students to describe the writing style. How are the brochures designed to attract tourists? Challenge students to think of additional information that these brochures could have included to appeal to visitors.

Students first describe the setting of the book. If there is more than one setting, have them choose the most interesting one. Students brainstorm the attractions in this place, thinking about what the characters do there for fun.

If students are stuck, help them think of ways to creatively advertise a place that might not offer as much to do. Is it a place to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet? Explain that students can use events from the book in their brochures—for example, tourists could visit the famous white picket fence in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Show students how to fold a sheet of paper into thirds to create their brochure. Before they begin their final draft, have them plan what they will write and draw. Encourage students to be creative as they think of ways to advertise this setting. The less tourist attractions a place offers, the more creative students can be in finding a way to advertise it.

Make a travel display with the brochures, and invite students to read their classmates’ work. If you would like students to present their brochures, have them plan a short two-minute commercial for their setting.


Travel Brochure Do you think tourists would enjoy visiting the setting of the book you read? What attractions would they find in this place? What could they do for entertainment? What could they see and learn about? Imagine that you work for a travel agency and you have been asked to design a brochure to advertise this place. (If your book has more than one setting, choose the most unusual and interesting one.)

markers or colored pencils, 8 1 2- by 11-inch plain white paper (or larger)

Find a science fiction or fantasy book that interests you and is at an appropriate reading level for you. Have your book approved by your teacher.

Book Title: _____________________________________________________

Author: _____________________________________________________

Describe the setting (time and place) of the book. If the book is set in more than one place, describe the most interesting or unusual one.


What activities do the characters do here for fun? What places are there to visit? What is there to learn about?



Does this seem like an interesting place to visit? Why or why not?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hold a sheet paper horizontally and fold the paper in thirds to form a brochure. First, fold the third on the right. Then fold the third on the left.

On the front flap of the brochure, write the name of the place. If it does not have a specific name in the book, make up a name that sounds interesting. Illustrate the front flap with one or two of the main attractions of this place. You might add a sentence or two to entice travelers to read your brochure. Write the title and author somewhere on the front of the brochure.

Plan the inside of the brochure before you begin writing or drawing. Include as many attractions as you can. Write reasons that travelers would want to visit each attraction. If there is not a lot to see or do in this setting, be creative and think about how you could make this place sound appealing to tourists.

On the back panel, write a few paragraphs to provide any additional information that might persuade travelers to visit. Also explain interesting events from the book that took place in this setting.

At the bottom, write “For additional information on (name of place), contact (your name).”

Book Title: _______________________________________________________________

Comments: This 3 page completed paper must be turned in with the brochure.



Was your book approved on time? 5 ____________________________

Did you hand in your project on time? 10 ____________________________

Did you complete steps 2–4 on the directions sheet? 10 ____________________________

Did you complete each part of your brochure? 30 ____________________________

Is your brochure neat, colorful, and attractive? 10 ____________________________

Did you include thoughtful and convincing information? 25 ____________________________

Are the spelling, punctuation, and grammar correct? 10 ____________________________

Total Points and possible grade earned: ____________________________

Completed by: _________________________________________ Date: _____________



BOOK TITLE: ____________________________________________________________________

Author: __________________________________________________________________________

Biography of ______________________________________________________________________

Publisher ___________________________________________ Copyright year ________________

Early years: Write what you have learned about the person’s early years. 100+ words _____(5 points) How did these childhood experiences influence the person’s achievements as an adult? 100+ words _____(5 points):  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What were this person’s main accomplishments? List at least four. 200+ words _____(40 points): _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Describe at least two of the goals of this person (5 points): __________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you think this person was successful? 50+ words (5 points) Why or why not? 50 words ______(5 points): _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What factors (at least two) influenced this person’s achievements? (5 points): ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What influence did this person have on the community, the country, or the world? _____(15 points – 100+ words): ______________________________________________________________________


What is your opinion of this person’s life and accomplishments?  _____(15 points – 100+ words): ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Around the World 4-Square Project:

Paragraph 1:

· Inside of folder

· Station 1

· Station 2

· Station 13

Paragraph 2:

· Station 3

· Station 4

· Station 5

· Station 11

Paragraph 3:

· People are called _______________________________

· Station 6

· Station 7

· Station 12

Paragraph 4:

· Station 8

· Station 9

· Station 14

Paragraph 5:

· Station 10 – current event

· Closing “over-all” statement about your country

Around the World Project 5 Paragraph Paper:

Paragraph 1:

· Inside of folder – use this info to write about the location and contingent of your country

· Station 1 - Population

· Station 2 – Ethnic groups and percentages in your country

· Station 13 – Landforms and terrain (optional)

Paragraph 2:

· Station 3 – Government/Type/Leader(s)

· Station 4 – Literacy/GNI

· Station 5 – Natural Resources/# Import & #1 Export Partners

· Station 11 – Time Zone (optional)

Paragraph 3:

· People are called _______________________________

· Station 6 – Customs of the people, including the language(s)

· Station 7 – Main and minority religions and percentages

· Station 12 – Labor Force (optional)

Paragraph 4:

· Station 8 – Points of interest & details about each place

· Station 9 – Crime and what to do about it

· Station 14 – Climate and clothing (optional)

Paragraph 5:

· Station 10 – current event

· Closing “over-all” statement about your country

Retelling Book Report

 A Retelling

Name_______________________  Title________________________Author____________

A retelling is a brief summary of what a book is about.  It includes the main events or key points of the story.  In a retelling, these main events should be told in chronological order.  Characters, settings, problems, and solutions should be included in the retelling.  The summary should be 5 paragraphs with a minimum of 5 sentences per paragraph.

Rubric for grading will consist of the following:

Characters                                                                              5 points

Setting (using imagery)                                                         5 points

Problem                                                                                 5 points

Solution                                                                                 5 points

Main events or key points:

1.     1.                                                                                         5 points

2.     2.                                                                                         5 points

3.     3.                                                                                          5 points

4.     4.                                                                                         5 points

5.     5.                                                                                        5 points

My retelling:

1.    Paragraph 1 – Introduction to the story                           5 points

2.    Paragraph 2                                                                      5 points

3.    Paragraph 3                                                                      5 points

4.    Paragraph 4                                                                      5 points

5.    Paragraph 5 Conclusion include solution                        5 points

Use best grammar/spelling practices                                subtract 1 point each

Important:  Turn in this completed page with your retelling.

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